January 2020  
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Looking Away...Unto ToJesus

Hebrews 12:1-2

We live in a wicked, sinful world, that hates God, accoridng to Jesus Christ. But there are still many lost sheep, coins, and prodigals that Jesus is seeking to save. Im not speaking so much about  lost souls as I am speaking to Christians, who seem to have lost their way.


Looking away...unto JESUS! The book of Hebrews where we find these words...was written to Jewish believers that were starting to fall away from the faith, and were encouraged by the inspired writier to holdfast!


Now keep in mind the context, lay aside sins, and distractions that keep us from running the race. The language is strong in the Greek...and the idea is to look away from everything, and have our eyes, hearts, and souls  fixed complely on on the Lord Jesus Christ.


Not with one eye on this present evil world, our besetting sins, the endless, meaningless, and senseless things of this life that keep us from running the race set before us. Jesus said in John 15...we can do nothing without Him. Or we can do something with Him. Every child of God has  been given a race to run...in the service of our King.


Pastor John W. Clement